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For your Natural Herbal Products

Rising Phoenix, Ltd. is based upon the ever evolutionary changes in our environment, in our foods and in our lives.  Just as the Phoenix is reborn, so is each of the products Rising Phoenix, Ltd. develops.  Our philosophy is keeping it "All Natural"; which prevents health and skin issues due to harsh chemicals, dyes pesticides, contamination or chemical preservatives.  From an herbalist view, we look at the whole picture from stress factors, food and drink you ingest, what you are exposed to and many more factors; then educate you on positive lifestyle changes.

All products are made with natural carrier oils, essential oils, butters (like Shea and Cocoa), beeswax, emulsifying wax, sea salts, and herbs (root, stems, leaves, flowers, or seeds); which are free from pesticides, dyes, chemicals, etc.  Products can be tailored to your desired essential oil fragrances, textures and container choice (glass, plastic, tin).  Few products will be in plastic or tin, as most will be in glass containers.. The look and feel are like "Grandma's Country Pantry Jars".

Products such as creams and lotions are made once an order has been placed.  Due to the products being all natural and without inferior preservatives, but with plant based preservatives, they are only guaranteed up to six months.  The products are to be used, not left on the counter for a year and then use again.   You are obtaining a higher quality product from the natural ingredients used.

Natural products and services offered at this time, are:

Body & Bath

*Bath Salts   *Body Scrubs   *Lotions / Creams   *Lip Balm   *Soaps   *Deodorant

Herbalist & Herbal / Spices

*Herbalist Services  *Apothecary of Western & Eastern Herbs / Spices   * Salves   *Ointments   *Tinctures   *Teas


* Natural vs. Chemicals   *Glass vs. Plastic   *How to Make/DIY Projects   *Seasonal Changes   *Camping Hints   *Baby to Mature Years   *Other

Rising Phoenix, Ltd. offers consultation to evaluate your preferences of body, bath and herbal needs. This allows you to be in control by your selection of essential fragrances, oils and ingredients. We look forward to assisting you in your health, body and bath care.

Blogs will be coming soon on various topics.  Have a topic of interest you would like to know more about, send us an email.

Orders may be called in at 970-629-1620, by email or ordered online at www.RisingPhoenixLtd.com.


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