Astragalus- 2 oz

Astragalus- 2 oz

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Astragalus membranaceus, mongholicus

Astragalus is a native dried root from China and Mongolia.  It is white/pale yellow in color; however the deeper the yellow the better the constituents are.  The taste is sweet and slightly warm.  In Chinese herbal medicine it is used for the lung and spleen channels.  Astragalus is used as an adaptogen; which aids in normalizing the immune system and increasing the body's resistance to stress. 

Astragalus is from the Fabaceae (Pea) Family.

Function: Tonify digestive Qi and Promote absorption

Effects: Fluids, stomach, liver, kidneys, nerves, adrenal cortex, immune system, spleen, lung

Preparation: It can be used in the form of tincture, encapsulation, and tea.

Edible Uses: Soups and smoothies

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